Key Features
Em Trak S100 -AIS Splitter

  • Unique active antenna switching performance.
  • No loss of VHF radio or AIS performance.
  • Automatic safe mode in the event of power loss.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Small and light weight.
  • Maintains radio transmission compliance and performance.

Em trak s100 splitter Powered by unique and patent pending antenna multiplexer technology,
unlike other similar devices the S100 protects the performance and technical compliance
of the VHF Radio and AIS, whilst ensuring zero performance loss simultaneous
operation of the radio and AIS with a single VHF antenna.

This means maximum performance from your VHF radio and AIS.

Despite its small size the S100 offers plug and play compatibility with any AIS transceiver or VHF-DSC radio
with automatic configuration making installation simple.

The S100 is ideal for minimising the cost and hassle of an AIS installation and is a
perfect complement to the any of our AIS Class B transceivers.


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